Weird Holidays in November

vivid autumn leaves scattered on ground

written by Nina Shantel, blog:, published October 28, 2022

There are some unusual holidays in November. I was happy to see that November 1st is World Vegan Day, but that date is also shared with National Calzone Day. Calzones are pizzas topped with cheese, cured meats and veggies. To comply with both holidays, ask for a cheese-less Calzone with veggies.

National Sandwich Day is the third.

slices of strawberries on a toasted bread
November 3rd: National Sandwich Day.
Instead of PB&J, try strawberries & almond butter
Photo by solod_sha on

The fourth is Use Your Commonsense Day. Shouldn’t that be every day?

The 4th is also National Candy Day so I’m not sure what to do with the candy.

Nov 4th: Nat’l Candy Day

The 5th is National Redhead Day. Do I send a card?

photography of a woman holding lights
November 5th is National Redhead Day
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The eighth is National Dunce Day. There are a bunch of people’s faces I would like to attach to this day, but I will resist the temptation.

The 14th is National Pickle Day. I wonder if more people play pickleball on Nov 14th.

pickled jalapenos preserve preserved
November 14th: National Pickle Day
Photo by JÉSHOOTS on

The 17th is National Unfriend Day and National Take a Hike Day, that’s appropriate. 

Nov 17th, Nat’l Take a Hike Day

The 18th is Use Less Stuff Day and Mickey Mouse Day, but I don’t know how to dress up like Mickey without the useless ears.

red hair woman with closed eyes holding vinyl records as mouse ears
November 18th: Mickey Mouse & Use Less Stuff Day
Photo by Lisa Fotios on

The 21st is Old Socks Day. Am I supposed to throw out old socks or clean with them?

blur close up coffee coffee cup
November 21st: Old Socks Day
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The 25th is Black Friday and Buy Nothing Day. I guess I’ll buy new socks and more stuff I don’t need on the 24th.

The 30th is National Personal Space Day, which should be every day, thanks to COVID-19. Too bad every day isn’t World Vegan Day

Information obtained by Jim Vitello’s, Real Estate Agent, monthly calendar

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