Is soy good or bad for you? Does soy cause cancer?

Is soy good or bad for you? Doesn’t soy cause cancer? The theory that soy has estrogenic effects and increases estrogen levels and cancer risk has been debunked. The phytoestrogens in soy are actually protective against cancer, and those who eat more soy have a lowered risk of cancer.

Animal milk and animal products increase estrogen and contain estrogen, bacteria, hormones, cholesterol, viruses, and saturated animal fat.

Soy milk does not contain estrogen (or the gross items above), nor does it increase estrogen levels.

Soy milk is a healthy alternative to animal milks.

There are soy products that are harmful to health. The soy to avoid is GMO soy and isolated soy protein, which is found is protein powders, processed foods and bars.

The soy that is protective and healthy is organic tofu and organic edamame.

Soy is good for you and reduces cancer risk. You can eat soy every day, but it is a food that’s moderate in fat, so keep portion size to no more than six ounces per meal, which will contain about eight grams of healthy fats.

Pair tofu with vegetables for a nutritious, high-fiber, health-promoting meal.

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