Is olive oil healthy? (why are people avoiding oil?)

bowl being poured with yellow liquid

Oil is a processed food that is 100% fat. Dr. McDougall is correct that the “fat you eat is the fat you wear.” Oil is fattening and causes weight gain. People are fatter today because the rate of oil consumption has gone up.

One fatty meal impairs your blood vessel function for up to 8 hours after you eat it, which is why it’s called “sludge blood.”

Oils cause endothelial cell dysfunction and insulin resistance.

Red blood cells shape changes from smooth to having spikes to it, so it doesn’t flow as well.

Oils cause red blood cells to become deformed.

Olive oil is not a health food. When a study compares olive oil to pork fat or coconut oil, it’s a healthier fat, but it’s not a “healthy fat.”

Vegetable oil is healthier than butter, but there is no such thing as a healthy oil; all oils are unhealthy, and should be omitted from one’s diet.

Oils are one of the reasons why people are sick and overweight.

People with heart disease should especially avoid oils; the cause of heart disease is the accumulation of too much fat, so a low-fat diet, without oils, is best for heart health, and overall health.

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