Valentine’s Day Healthy Gift Ideas (healthy gift guide 2023)

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written by Nina Shantel, blog:, published February 1, 2023

It’s wonderful that so many people are embracing a healthy plant-based diet, but without chocolates or dining out as options, other than purchasing flowers, what can you get someone who is on a diet, is picky, a vegetarian, trying to lose weight, is vegan, doesn’t eat sugar, doesn’t drink alcohol, or is a health nut, for a gift? Luckily, there’s plenty of wonderful healthy items to get someone who is health conscious on a restricted diet.

Click the images below to view my list of favorite plant-based nutrition books and low-fat, plant-based, vegan cookbooks; clean cosmetics; plant superfoods and healthy plant-based snacks, all perfect gifts for the person who is on a plant-based diet, wants to lose weight, is health conscious, or is a vegetarian or vegan.

CLEAN cosmetics

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BEST Plant-Based superfoods, snacks, teas and more

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BEST plant-based nutrition books and cookbooks

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