Is dairy bad for you?

Most Americans grew up drinking milk because BIG DAIRY lies to us. Milk does NOT do a body good; it makes us sick.

It’s just like when BIG TOBACCO told us cigarettes don’t kill. For years, cigarette manufacturers used slick advertising campaigns & hid over 500 studies proving nicotine was addictive and cigarettes increases cancer risk. BIG DAIRY also hides behind slick marketing and lies.

Dairy is a leading contributor to heart disease, and is the top source of artery-clogging saturated and trans fats in the standard American diet. These fats constrict blood vessels and slow blood flow to working muscles, causing hypertension and havoc on the cardiovascular system. Cheese is the WORST, it is typically over 50% percent fat!

Multiple studies have linked dairy to increased risk of terminal cancer. Only babies are supposed to drink their mother’s milk, cows are not our mothers. People wonder why they cannot digest the lactose sugar in dairy.

The milk protein, casein, has been shown to cause cellular damage and grow tumors. Dairy products contain pus, antibiotics, hormones, bacteria, cholesterol, casein, saturated fat, is acidic, and promotes insulin resistance, cancer, autoimmune conditions, and obesity.

Still not convinced? Then why do so many people with supposedly incurable autoimmune diseases get well when they ditch dairy? Why does acne go away when dairy is removed? Why do people feel better and lose weight when they stop consuming dairy? Because humans are only supposed to drink human milk when we are babies.

There’s so many dairy alternatives, it’s easier than ever to go dairy free.

You can buy almond milk at most grocery stores. It’s delicious, low-fat and cholesterol free.

For more information on the harms of dairy, click the following blog post from Switch4Good (switching from dairy milk to plant milks):

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