Raw Vegan Dies (is a raw vegan diet dangerous?)

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written by Nina Shantel, blog: RealDietHelp.com, published August 4, 2023

Meat-eating promoters are using an anorexic, female, raw vegan’s death as a way to “prove” a vegan diet is deadly, which is hypocritical and fear-mongering (to use their own words against them).

She died from a bacterial infection (cholera), possibly coupled with malnutrition from not eating enough plants. She ate fruit, sprouts, vegetables, and drank green juice (but didn’t drink water). I would classify her diet as fruitarian due to her high consumption of fruit (1).

Fruitarians are vegan, eat mostly fruit, very little fat, and don’t eat any cooked foods. Fruitarians are typically very slim because they must eat a large amount of fruit since fruit is low in calories and full of fiber. Fiber fills up the stomach which signals the brain to stop eating, which is why, when people want to lose weight, one piece of good advice is to fill up on fiber.

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In addition to eating lots of fruit, this raw vegan female also drank lots of juices, as many fruitarians do (1). Juices are low in calories, nutrients and have zero fiber. Juicing fruits and vegetables should only be for a short period of time, preferably after a water fast.

People who eat a ketogenic diet, Paleo diet, and others who refuse to cut back on animal protein, are using this woman, who had a mental disorder, who just happened to eat and promote a raw vegan diet, as an excuse to justify killing animals to make it “food.”

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Too few are talking about the millions of overweight people who die every year from disease due to consuming animal protein, processed foods and alcohol. There’s nothing redeeming about cholesterol, saturated, fat, and toxins. She did not die from eating a raw vegan diet.

If you or someone you know is opposed to a vegan diet and uses her death as an example why not to go vegan, watch this short video. Don’t let confirmation bias stop you from watching this video! (Confirmation bias is only listing to information that you agree with and ignoring information you disagree with).

1). Source: Louise Allingham For Daily Mail Australia. “Vegan Influencer Zhanna d’art ‘dies of Starvation and Exhaustion’ after Switching to Restrictive Tropical Fruit Diet.” Daily Mail Online, 2 Aug. 2023, http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/real-life/article-12358835/Vegan-influencer-Zhanna-Dart-dies-starvation-exhaustion-switching-restrictive-tropical-fruit-diet.html.

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