How to Stop Global Warming: What We Can Do Now (10 Actions to take Immediately)

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written by Nina Shantel, blog:, published January 9, 2023

There are steps that you and I can take to reverse global warming:

1. Carpool/Rideshare to school and work

2. Buy Less

3. Drive Less:

Ask for a virtual doctor’s appointment, when appropriate. Many doctor’s do telehealth visits, where they can see you with their computer camera and your iPad, iPhone or computer. Many physical therapists (PT’s), personal trainers (CPT), psychologists and psychiatrists now offer virtual visits so you can save gas and time, and don’t have to stress out about driving in traffic or finding a parking spot.

Combine trips. Whenever you have errands to run, try to do them all once a week, if possible, to reduce gas expenditure and time on the road.

Virtual hang-outs. Dining out is expensive, and a phone call doesn’t show facial expressions, so planning a time for a Zoom or Facetime call, is a wonderful way to hang out with a friend.

Work at home. If there is a way to work from home, instead of traveling to work, see if that’s an option. If the boss wants you in the office, ask to work from home one day a week to start, and see if he notices a difference. Some people get more work done at home because they can come in earlier and aren’t distracted by other employees, whereas some employees are distracted by family members and chores.

Virtual meetings. Many meetings are now conducted virtually, at home, instead of in the conference room, which saves energy, time, and oftentimes, means a more productive meeting since no time is wasted waiting for latecomers.

4. fly less

5. Wait until your car is no longer drivable before you buy an electric car

6. recycle your scraps, greens and products in the appropriate bins

7. plant at least one large, wide tree in your yard which provides shade and reduces C02

8. adopt instead of procreate

9. Don’t install fake grass aka artificial grass, which uses a lot of plastic, emits harmful chemicals, breeds bacteria, destroys the soil beneath it, and retains heat. Try walking on fake grass on a hot day, and you may burn the soles of your feet.

Not only is artificial turf unattractive, when it breaks down, it contaminates water.

10. The most effective action you can take to reduce your carbon footprint is to avoid animal protein. Livestock ads C02 and methane to the air, their manure contaminates water and nearby plants (which is why there are numerous recalls on lettuce), and containing and killing animals for food is cruel and unnecessary.

Those areas where animals were housed can be replanted with trees to lower temperatures.

There are numerous plant-based milks and dairy and meat alternatives that are not only healthier but taste good too, so there is no excuse as to why you cannot give up eating animals.

Animal protein has been shown to be harmful to humans since it contains harmful saturated fat (a contributor to heart disease), cholesterol (which humans make naturally), and the hormone IGF-1, which causes fat and cancer cells to grow.

Animals protein is one of the main causes of disease, while plant proteins are beneficial.

We have seen the destruction that global warming and human activities has done over a hundred years: making people sick from filthy air (coal, gas, agriculture, war, chemicals) and water. The number of fires, floods, tornedoes, and storms has steadily increased each year. Lakes are disappearing. Crops are being destroyed.

The additional consequences of global warming that some people forget about, or are unaware of is the increasing number of bugs and diseases. As the temperature warms more insects leave forests and travel to cities, which is why there’s now malaria in Florida.

With increasing temperatures, plants need to make adjustments to survive so many plants will increase their proteins, which could be problematic since proteins triggers autoimmune reactions so more people could have painful autoimmune responses to certain plants.

Plants are also spoiling and rotting faster due to extreme heat and extreme cold. I’ve noticed that many avocados I’ve got from the store are rotten and smaller than usual. We had to throw out a whole watermelon because it was mushy. Swish chard that normally is neutral in flavor was so bitter and sharp that my throat hurt for hours after eating it.

For those few people who don’t eat any plants, such as grains, fruit and vegetables, keep in mind that animals eat grains.

Migration is going to happen at an increasingly steady rate because people have to move when their farms don’t have enough water and their crops don’t grow, or homes are flooded, burned down or destroyed in a storm.

Temperatures in the summer keep increasing.

Global warming causes temperature extremes, which is why the winters are colder each year.

Global warming is real and it’s going to make every person’s life more miserable, so each and every one of us has a personal responsibility to do his and her part so save our planet, the human race and every creature currently living on it.

For an excellent and more detailed article about global warming, check out the article linked below, titled, “There is No Planet B” by Dr. Schwartz:

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