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5-minute booty workout (5-min warm up workout video)

If you are looking for a quick workout, or want a simple warmup prior to weightlifting or resistance training, try this!  

As always, go at your level, stop if you feel pain, and pace yourself. All exercise involves risk, but not exercising is dangerous.

There are just three exercises in this warm-up workout:

  1. Banded side steps for 30 seconds
  2. calf raises for 30 seconds
  3. Elevated glute bridges, on a soft surface or a yoga mat, for 30 seconds (you can use a foam roller, a couch, two yoga blocks, a chair, a wall, an exercise ball, a Reebok step, or a bench to put your feet on.

Repeat for a total of three sets.

Play the YouTube video below to follow along and see the proper way to do these exercises:

If you are looking for a personal trainer or a nutrition coach, contact me, I’d love to help you maximize your health and fitness goals.

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