Top Surgery Alternatives (Instead of top surgery, try these)

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written by Nina Shantel, blog:, published November 7, 2023

If you want top surgery, but don’t currently have the funds, don’t have access to a doctor that will perform the surgery, are worried about scars, being put under anesthesia, and/or not liking the results, try these non-surgical, low and no-cost options.

To reduce breast tissue naturally, go for these three non-surgical alternatives:

  • Perform specific chest exercises to reduce breast tissue and fat
  • Eliminate foods that increase estrogen & eat foods that both increase testosterone & reduces estrogen
  • Lose bodyfat to lower estrogen and reduce breast size.

When I was weightlifting at World Gym in Pacific Beach, now re-named, The Gym, most of the people there exercising were Fitness Competitors, who actively trained to place in competitions.

One of the main complaints I heard from the female competitors is that their boobs shrank, considerably. Some of these women were serial competitors and disliked their flat chests so much that they got breast implants. If you look at the figures of top female bodybuilders, they either have breast implants or flat chests due to chest muscle and low bodyfat.

When I lost just ten pounds, my breast size shrunk considerably, which is a good thing or a bad thing, depending on the person’s view of what’s attractive to them.

I think chest muscles are attractive on men and women. A concave weak chest doesn’t appeal to me.

To build up the chest muscles, I perform chest & shoulder exercises twice a week, typically three sets of 10-15 reps, as heavy as I can handle with proper form.

Push-ups: start in a plank, top photo, lower as low as you can, push back into a plank

Specific Chest Exercises to Reduce Breast Fat & Tissues:

  • Push-ups
  • Dumbbell bench press (or barbell bench press)
  • Floor chest flyes
  • Cable press
  • Cable flyes
  • Press outs

P.S. Chest exercises also work the front of the shoulders

Floor dumbbell chest press with a bridge

If you only strengthen the chest and front of the shoulders, you’ll end up with shoulders that round forward, as if they’ve collapsed inward, which can make a person look like a hunchback, or someone with bad posture, like when your mom would scold you to stand up straight. To correct imbalances, exercise all muscle groups. To counteract rounding of the shoulders, strengthen the opposing muscle groups, such as the rear delts and the back using exercises such as back flyes, scarecrows, seated rows, supermans, hyperextensions (don’t extend beyond your glutes, the butt).

Prone leg lifts on the physio ball strengthens the glutes and low back

Foods to Eliminate that Increases Estrogen

I don’t want excess estrogen circulating in my body which increases cancer risk, so I avoid foods that cause weight gain such as oil, protein powders, alcohol, isolated soy, GMO soy, heavily processed foods, dairy, and animal protein.

I also stay away from foods that contain estrogen, such as dairy and animal flesh.

steak food
Animal protein contains hormones, cause estrogen levels to rise, whereas, whole plant proteins and whole plant carbohydrates, balance hormones. Photo by Malidate Van on

Dairy and animal protein is particularly problematic since animals contain hormones, such as estrogen. In addition, farm animals are given hormones to make them grow, which increases our hormones over and above, what is normal. When we grow, cells grow, cancer cells and fat cells grow, and breasts grow.

Foods to Eat to Increase Testosterone

I want to be strong and increase lean muscle mass, so I eat an anti-inflammatory diet, exclusively of beans, lentils, whole grains, Ezekial bread, fruit, vegetables and freshly ground flax seeds (chia seeds are another healthy omega 3 fat).

By eating certified organic tofu and edamame, wholesome soy, without lab modification or harmful pesticides, which contains wonderful phytoestrogens, this miracle bean, balances estrogens.

dessert made of berries on brown wooden bowl
A healthy breakfast: Acai bowl with chia seeds. Make sure to freshly grind chia seeds.
Photo by Nicola Barts on

When people eat foods that contain hormones, and are overweight, estrogen levels become too high and testosterone levels become too low. This is why, when only whole plant-foods are eaten, it’s easy to keep hormones in check and weight down.

Dairy is the worst substance for humans to eat since it contains hormones, cholesterol, saturated fat, blood, pus, bacteria, and viruses. Dairy cows cannot produce milk unless they are pregnant and/or gave birth to a calf, so all dairy products, like milk, cheese, yogurt, contain cow hormones. There’s a plethora of dairy-free alternatives, it’s an easy switch.

Dairy is meant for the calf to drink, which is high in fat because this fat is to help the calf grow big, fat. Excess fat produces estrogen, which is why keeping weight down and avoiding dairy and animal protein is one of many cancer prevention strategies.


To reduce breast tissue naturally, the non-surgical effective options include:

  1. Perform bodyweight, dumbbell, barbell, cable, chest exercises to reduce breast tissue and fat, twice a week, using proper form with heavy weights, within an 8-15 rep range, progressing over time for increased strength and lean body mass.
  2. Eliminate oil, protein powders, alcohol, isolated soy, GMO soy, heavily processed foods, dairy, and animal protein that increase estrogen. Stay away from all GMO foods and choose certified organic whenever possible. Eat beans, lentils, whole grains, fruit, herbs, spices, vegetables and freshly ground flax seeds or chia seeds, to increase testosterone & reduce estrogen to healthy levels.
  3. Lose bodyfat to lower estrogen and reduce breast size

If you want recipes that reduce body fat, remove excess estrogens and balances hormones, or want to read more about the connection between nutrition and hormones, order and read my book, The High-Five Diet.

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Lastly, don’t be overly concerned about what other people think. What makes YOU happy should determine your decisions.

Exercise is great for the heart but it does not reverse heart disease, only an oil-free, low-fat, plant-based diet is proven to stop and reverse heart disease.

Exercise daily AND adopt an alkaline, anti-inflammatory diet if you haven’t already.

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