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What’s the real cause of obesity? (Who are the best weight loss doctors?)

Get free weight loss advice from the top fat loss experts on February 18, 2023.

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Is dairy bad for you?

Most Americans grew up drinking milk because BIG DAIRY lies to us. Milk does NOT do a body good; it makes us sick. It’s just like when BIG TOBACCO told us cigarettes don’t kill. For years, cigarette manufacturers used slick advertising campaigns & hid over 500 studies proving nicotine was addictive and cigarettes increases cancer […]

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Plant-Based Health & Fat Loss Bundle expires today! (last chance to look inside to see if you want it)

This offer expires at midnight, tonight! If you want to improve your health and/or get rid of excess bodyfat, this is a superb, low-cost toolkit. The next plant-based bundle will not be available for another year, and each year there are different items so if there is something in this bundle that you want, get […]

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Is Oatmeal Healthy?

close up shot of a bowl with fruits and oats

As long as you aren’t allergic to oats, oatmeal is healthy. It’s a grain. If you are adding sugar, yogurt or dairy milk to your oats, you’ve made it unhealthy. People may be confusing oats with granola. Granola’s main ingredient is oats, but granola contains oil and sugar too. Granola is unhealthy and fattening, while […]

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Valentine’s Day Healthy Gift Ideas (healthy gift guide 2023)

red and white tik tak toe game illustration

written by Nina Shantel, blog:, published February 1, 2023 It’s wonderful that so many people are embracing a healthy plant-based diet, but without chocolates or dining out as options, other than purchasing flowers, what can you get someone who is on a diet, is picky, a vegetarian, trying to lose weight, is vegan, doesn’t […]

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Is coconut oil healthy to eat? (Does coconut oil help with weight loss?)

clear glass bowl with white liquid

My friend told me her husband started eating coconut oil because he heard what great benefits it has. She didn’t bother telling him what a bad idea that was because she said he doesn’t follow her advice. After two months of adding coconut oil to his diet, he complained of stomachaches and weight gain. She […]

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Is olive oil healthy? (why are people avoiding oil?)

bowl being poured with yellow liquid

Oil is a processed food that is 100% fat. Dr. McDougall is correct that the “fat you eat is the fat you wear.” Oil is fattening and causes weight gain. People are fatter today because the rate of oil consumption has gone up. One fatty meal impairs your blood vessel function for up to 8 […]

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