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Reminder: Best Exercises for Fat Loss & Strength Live – Ask Nina Shantel, Certified Trainer, your Questions in Real Time

Starts TOMORROW! If you are interested in learning the BEST exercises for FAT LOSS & STRENGTH, don’t miss this rare LIVE EVENT on August 31st at 12pm PST where you can ask me your FAT LOSS, STRENGTH, HEALTH, & NUTRITION questions in real time. Below is the Facebook link to join: https://www.facebook.com/events/s/best-exercises-for-strength-we/1929335550763187/?mibextid=RQdjqZ

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Vegan Bodybuilding with Geoff Palmer (how to get enough protein on a vegan diet to build muscle)

written by Nina Shantel, blog: RealDietHelp.com, published July 11, 2023 While a lot of people are aware that it’s easy to get enough protein on a vegan diet, today’s main topic is how to get enough protein on a vegan diet to build enough muscle to be a pro-bodybuilder. To answer this question, I spoke […]

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Pilates workout with weights and glute band (video included)

three women doing yoga

written by Nina Shantel, blog: RealDietHelp.com, published July 3, 2023 In this Pilates full-body workout, I’ve incorporated exercises such as plie squats, chair pose, cobra push-ups, and traditional weightlifting exercises with dumbbells for an all-around fun, strength workout. The equipment needed to perform it exactly as shown is a mat, a sturdy chair or a […]

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6-Week Fat Loss & Health Boost Reboot starts June 1st (Order by 5/20 for bonus gift)

Feel happy, carefree, and optimistic during this fun, energizing, empowering 6-week reboot. $199 Reboot Includes: Program Includes SIX Customized Personal Training Sessions! Order within 24 hours, by May 20th to receive your bonus gift: Low-fat, plant-based, gluten free recipe PDF book with over 25 fat-burning recipes. Reboot starts June 1st. Order by May 20th to […]

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full body dumbbell and cardio workout, no repeats (28-minute strength & cardio workout video)

In this 28-minute, full-body workout, you’ll gain strength and get in a cardiovascular workout. All you need is a mat, a set of light dumbbells, and water. I’m drinking zero calorie mint tea. I’m using three different sets of dumbbells, 8’s, 10’s and 12’s, but one set is sufficient, just do a few more reps […]

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What’s a gym rat? (What type of gym rat are you? )

What’s a gym rat? I define a gym rat as someone who exercises at a gym at least three times a week. I used to be a gym rat even before I was a certified trainer because I was at the gym anywhere from three to seven days a week. From being at the gym […]

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Plantar Fasciitis exercises for seniors (hip & thigh exercise for seniors)

woman walking on pathway under the sun

written by Nina Shantel, blog: RealDietHelp.com, published February 28, 2023 Plantar fasciitis is extremely painful. I ended up with plantar fasciitis shortly after taking up running because my form was incorrect, I was mostly running on the front of my feet without letting my heels touch the ground. I got rid of plantar fasciitis and […]

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