What happened to Whole Soy and Co Soy and Dairy free yogurts?

I found out that Ralphs took my favorite dairy-free/vegan yogurt off the shelves permanently. I went to other stores and couldn’t find Whole Soy and Co Soy yogurts; they stopped making their product when the old facility closed. They are in their new facility now so we should see their products soon. The vanilla and lemon Organic Whole Soy Yogurts are my favorite.

In the meantime, I’ve been enjoying SoDelicious vegan and soy-free yogurts. The plain and raspberry are decent, the vanilla is kind of weird and the chocolate flavor is disgusting. Their strawberry vegan yogurt is delicious. I like to use their vegan lime yogurt in place of sour cream. You can find SoDelicious vegan yogurt at most large grocery stores.

Excellent Exercise Videos


I’ve worked out to so many exercise videos and programs; the best so far is P90X. It’s the only one where I lost weight specifically from doing those workouts. If anyone has the P90 Extreme, let me know if that one is worth getting too.

Green Juice

For breakfast this morning, made a green juice with 1 bunch of kale, 1 head of romaine lettuce, 2 carrots and 1 knob of ginger in my juicer. Then blended it with coconut water and protein powder. It was absolutely disgusting! Ate all the apples so I didn’t have it to juice. If you have a good green, low carb recipe, let me know. So far, anything with blended greens makes me gag.

Green Coffee Bean

Third day taking GoBean Green Coffee Bean pills and this caffeine pill definitely has given me much more energy. Did a one hour legs workout with the trainer and did two of Jillian Michael’s cardio kickboxing workouts with energy to spare. Can’t wait to find out how fast and far I can hike!

silly exercise tip

Has anyone actually lost weight by taking the stairs instead of the elevator? Just thought that was a silly exercise tip. Guess it depends on what floor your office/apartment is on.

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