best ab and low back exercises

When people tweak their low back from picking up something, or twisting, it’s usually caused by weak abs and a weak low back. This 15- minute, follow-along workout, includes exercises that are performed for 30-seconds at a time to strengthen the entire core. I’ve also included stretches and mobility exercises, interspersed throughout.

Let me know if you found it easy or challenging, and what other types of exercises you would like to see.

Stop behaving like it’s 2019

COVID partyWhen I think back to 2019…ah, those were the days when I would high-five my clients, workout at the gym, hug my friends, go out to dinner, and shop at the mall.  I am social person, and can strike up a conversation with a stranger in an elevator, but, in March of 2020, when I learned how dangerous, pervasive, and contagious the Coronavirus was, I followed the experts advise: stay at home, wash your hands often, maintain a minimum of six feet from other people, only allow close contact with those you live with, and only go out in public to get essentials, like food and medicine.

At that time, I thought it was weird that the experts didn’t instruct the general public to wear a mask or gloves. I wore a n95 mask anyway, and was one of the few people, who wasn’t a nurse, doctor, or dentist, who wore a mask when I had to go out in public. I also wore gloves, and explained to everyone I had to interact with, that I prefer to take extra precautions to protect myself against the flu AND COVID-19. People seemed to understand, but gave me that smirk, or called me a germaphobe.  One doctor told me that I washed my hands too much (which is one of the worst pieces of advice I’ve heard from a doctor). In the beginning of 2020, my stance was considered over-the-top, but now it’s the norm, as it should be.

At the beginning of the pandemic, the explanation for not wearing masks, was that, masks should be saved for health professionals, to prevent a shortage, but if masks were worn by everyone, the number of infections would have been a lot lower. Studies, and cases of other countries adherence to mask wearing has been shown to prevent, or, reduce transmission of COVID-19.

“Dr. Robert Redfield, director of the CDC, said during an interview with the Journal of the American Medical Association’s Dr. Howard Bauchner. “I think if we could get everybody to wear a mask right now I think in four, six, eight weeks we could bring this epidemic under control.” (1).

This pandemic is so out of control because people are still behaving like it’s 2019. Too many people aren’t wearing masks. People are still throwing parties, and going to the salon. They are touching each other and getting drunk together. People are lifting weights at a public gym. People are in such close contact with their friends, they are breathing each other’s air. Doing the aforementioned things are making matters worse, and are the cause of the massive increase in infections. Over 150,000 people in the United States have died in this year from COVID-19, so far. It’s projected to get much worse.  Pretending something isn’t there, won’t make it go away. Just because you cannot see something with your own eyes, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Wearing a mask, not only protects you, it protects other people. No one has the right to infect others, for the selfish reason of not liking wearing a mask. There is no medical condition that explains away, not wearing a mask in public. If you have a medical condition, it’s even more important to wear a mask, since getting COVID-19, makes you that more susceptible to hospitalization and dying.

No one can claim they are COVID-free. The tests are widely inaccurate, and people who have no symptoms can spread the disease to others. How would you feel if you gave the disease to your mom, dad, grandmother, sister, and that loved-one died? Just recently, a 30-year old husband and wife, died from COVID-19. More and more young people are getting infected, going to the hospital, and dying from this disease. Children are carrying the disease. Some children have died. COVID-19 is not a hoax, and it’s nothing like the flu.

If you want to live like you did in 2019, with freedom to roam, have fun, go back to school and work, follow the rules: wear a mask, keep at least six feet from other people, only leave the house for essentials, socialize via social media, wash your hands as much as possible. I’ll also add: exercise outdoors on days the air quality is good, Facetime with friends and family frequently, color and cut your own hair, wear gloves when you touch objects out in public spaces, keep alcoholic drinking to a minimum, stay positive, and vote.

The only way we can get back to normal, is for everyone to take these precautions. For those that are doing so, I thank you.

P.S. Please forward this post to anyone that isn’t taking this health crises seriously.


1) Source: Lovelace Jr, Berkeley and Feuer, Will. ““CDC says U.S. could get coronavirus under control in one to two months if everyone wears a mask.” HEALTH AND SCIENCE. Jul 14, 2020 July

additional source:

I went vegan & these nasty things happened

I wanted to share the medical issues and consequences of reducing animal products from my diet in my effort to become a vegan. For vegans, please watch this before commenting on this blog post.

Going vegan definitely has its challenges, so supplementation is typically a must on a vegan diet. Veganism is tough for a lot of people so try to start with a plant-based diet, which just means that most of your calories come from plants.

My dairy-free desserts & smoothies cookbook is 90% vegan, and you can find numerous vegan recipes here on my blog. To find them, click on the category tag and select recipes.

Let me know if you have any questions, and if there is something you would like me to cover on my blog, or on my YouTube channel.

That cookie IS why you can’t lose weight

cookies with hersey's kisses

I’ve heard people say, “this one candy bar…” (insert whatever high calorie and unhealthy edible craving of yours: chips, cookie, margarita, soda, restaurant meal) “…won’t make me fat,” or, “won’t kill me.” Stop kidding yourself. That treat will cause your weight to creep up, unless you are reducing some other food to compensate for those extra calories.

Most people won’t eat one cookie, or a rack of ribs, or dine out, just once a year. These fattening foods are eaten a few times a month, on weekends, or even, every day, so it’s no wonder that excess pounds keep piling on.

What you read on a nutrition label is only an estimate, and, the calories are usually higher than what’s stated in the nutrition section. In fact, labels all permitted to be inaccurate in their calorie count by 20% (1). What’s worse is that no one is policing these food companies (1). That means that they can list whatever amount of calories and carbs on a package to make you think it’s a low calorie food to get you to buy it, and to get you to eat more of it.

In 2013, the New York Times had food scientists analyze several foods from popular restaurants. One of the most shocking, was the tofu sandwich which claimed to contain a mere 228 calories, but it contained a whopping 548 calories, that’s an error of 320 calories. It’s no wonder people are getting fatter from packaged foods, and restaurant meals (1).

To compound matters, sugar causes inflammation, and flavorings cause imbalances in gut health, which, in turn, makes it even harder to lose weight. I’m not saying that you can never go out to eat, or go out to get a freshly made donut, but, keep in mind that those calories do matter, and the accumulation of those fattening foods are what’s causing us to gain weight and get fat.


Source: Barone, Janine. “Can you trust calorie counts?” Berkley University of California Wellness.,calories%20or%20anything%20in%20between. Sept. 30 2016.

Stress Relief Fun Workout


Life is stressful, so I created this quick, eight-minute easy workout to make you feel good, loved, and happy.

Why I started weightlifting

I started weightlifting over 10 years ago after I was diagnosed with Type-1 diabetes to lower my blood 🩸 sugar, gain muscle, and improve my overall health. Watch this short video to find out what I learned.

Whatever your current health status is, don’t do nothing! If you ignore your health, you can get sicker, I want to help you get at healthy as you can be, so you can feel your best. If you are looking for a diet plan, healthy recipes, or nutritional information, check out my website at

10-minute inner & outer thigh workout

This exercise will challenge your balance and your core, while strengthening your glutes and thighs.

20-minute lower body workout

This workout targets your quads, glutes (your butt), hamstrings and calves. All you need is a chair and a mat, but if you have a booty band, a soft yoga block, and a 5-8 pound kettle bell or dumbbell, you will burn more calories and get more strength gains.

I’ve included variations from beginner to advanced, so everyone at all fitness levels can do this workout. Let me know which variation you chose: skater squat, single leg squat, reverse lunge, or box 📦 squat, and how you did.

stretches that don’t hurt: 22-minute strength & stretch workout

Instead of static stretches, which can be painful and boring, these are dynamic stretches, where you go in and out of the stretch (no holding). You never want to stretch a cold muscle, so I’ve incorporated strength exercises, and you’ll burn more calories, and will gain more mobility.


20 minute chest & back workout with weights for those with cranky shoulders

All you need for this workout is a pair of dumbbells, but if you have several pairs of dumbbells, a Swiss ball, yoga blocks (if you are advanced at push-ups), grab those too. People who have never lifted, to bodybuilders, can do this workout, just choose weights that fit your current strength level, follow along, and listen to your body. Strength takes time, enjoy the journey.

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