Make box jumps easier & cheaper while shedding fat

Reebok Step

Box jumps are a great way to shed fat due to their high intensity and cardio component, but they’re difficult! I wanted to try box jumps, but I didn’t want to fork out all that dough for a jump box that might be too high. My Reebok Step was too low so I bought a pair of additional risers; now I have a box that’s perfect for me. I can also add more risers as I get better at this exercise. I finally have a better use for that 90’s Reebok Step!

Type 1 vs. Type 2 Diabetes

A type 1 diabetic has a pancreas that has been damaged, most-likely from a viral infection, whereas, a type 2 diabetic has a pancreas that is not fully functional due to increased age, inactivity, poor eating habits and/or lack of activity.

What’s interesting is that the amount of insulin given to a type 1 diabetic differs from what is needed for a type 2 diabetic. Someone who is a type 2 diabetic has tissues that are a lot less responsive to insulin so they have to take much higher doses. Since insulin makes it much harder to lose fat, it’s especially important for healthy people and pre-diabetics to clean up their diets and start exercising now. If you think exercising is a pain, wait until you have to prick your fingers and inject medicine three to five times a day!

The dangers of antiperspirant

This is a follow-up to the blog titled “Antiperspirant – is it harmful?” on 7/5/2103. If you look on your antiperspirant, you will find a warning on that back label that reads: “Ask a doctor before use if you have kidney disease.” So I asked my doctor, “What’s that all about?” He told me that if a person’s kidneys aren’t functioning properly, the aluminum from the antiperspirant builds up in the body. That’s scary.

Luckily deodorant doesn’t contain any aluminum . Deodorant won’t stop you from sweating, but at least you won’t be stinky and you won’t have to worry about any harmful effects from aluminum.

Healthy Hangover Cure

coconut water

Did you drink too much Saturday night? Have you been nursing a hangover all day today? Alcohol is poison so of course you feel terrible! You don’t have to keep feeling like you just got hit by a bus. Relief is just a sip away. The cure: drink 100% coconut water. It tastes deliciously sweet and refreshing, and you’ll feel much better.

Too much protein makes you fat: how to prevent this

BBQ chicken

When I was told that excess protein turns into fat, I thought, “no way!” I knew that sugar and carbs can turn into fat, but protein? Whenever you eat too much, or whatever the body doesn’t need that isn’t burned off, gets turned into fat. Now it makes sense.

To prevent protein from turning into fat, limit the portion to 20 grams or .71 ounces. That’s .44 lb, which is just under half a pound. Depending on your age, size, and activity level, this amount can vary. You’ll notice that protein powders include a scoop in the canister, which typically holds 15-22 grams of protein. 

If you limit your protein intake to 20 grams per meal, you won’t have to worry about that lean chicken breast turning into belly fat.

Egg-White MRM Protein Powder Update on Dairy Contamination

On June 28th, I wrote about how I got sick from MRM’s Vanilla Egg-White protein powder which claims to be dairy-free. I’m one of the rare individuals who is extremely allergic to the protein in dairy. When I spoke to MRM, they admitted it was made on shared equipment with their whey protein powder and said the product may contain trace amounts of dairy. MRM picked up my canister of protein powder and had it tested by a third party. MRM called me back with the results and said their dairy-free products do contain a small amount of dairy, typically 10 PPM (parts per million), but this particular batch had much more, at 26 PPM.

MRM said these amounts are very low and those allergic shouldn’t have a reaction. The thing is, I did feel ill with the batch contaminated with the higher amount of whey protein, and each subsequent time I made a fruit smoothie with this batch of protein powder, there was a quicker and stronger anaphylactic reaction.

I didn’t initially know what was making me sick since I’ve been consuming this protein powder for years. After several days of feeling ill after having my protein drink is when I put two and two together.

Now when I read a label and it says it’s dairy-free I also look to see if it’s made on shared equipment. Sometimes I take a risk, other times I let my woman’s intuition decide. It’s really unfortunate that manufacturing equipment is so expensive that companies have to make various products on the same machines. Or maybe the companies are too cheap and greedy. It’s a shame that we have to put our health on the line just so large corporations can fill their pockets.

Vegan Peanut Butter Cookie Dough

Remember when you were a kid and mom would make peanut butter cookies and you couldn’t wait to lick the batter? I came up with a healthier vegan and gluten-free version without the sugar, butter, flour or eggs.

1/3 cup quinoa flakes (toasted oats would probably work well too)

2 T unsweetened peanut butter

2 T honey

1 T coconut water (if mixture is too dry)

1 T salted chopped peanuts (optional)

1 ½ teaspoons vanilla protein powder

Pinch of cacao nibs or 1-2 teaspoons of chocolate chips

Mix all except cacao/chocolate until smooth. Divide dough into two portions. Top with cacao nibs or chocolate chips. Serves two. Approx 275 calories.

Snack Time: What to eat

sweet potato and walnuts

Between 2:30 and 3:00 every afternoon I’m hungry, but I don’t want a small meal because I don’t want to ruin my appetite since we eat an early dinner. I want to eat something healthy, but I want it to be quick. A bar is always easy, but I want variety. Today I opened a can of sweet potato puree, added some crushed walnuts and scooped it out with a spoon. Yummy! I also like hot, cooked mashed yams, sprinkled with cinnamon, and topped with toasted walnut pieces. The flavors are warm reminders of happy holidays.

How to make dumbbell chest flys easier and fun

Most people do dumbbell chest flys on a bench, but I don’t like it because my arms can go too far back and the last time I did chest flys on a bench my left arm bent backwards and the weight dropped to the floor. That hurt.

Now I do chest flys on a ball. It’s nice and cushy on my back. I can use heavier weights and I engage my glutes, hamstrings and abs. Sweet!

Roll back onto the ball with shoulders, head and neck onto the ball. You should be in bridge with feet about hip-width apart. My trainer has me doing five chest flys and then alternating chest flys which works balance and core too.

Now you have something to do on that ball that’s sitting in the corner collecting dust.

How often should I lift weights?

It’s best to lift weights three to four times a week and you want to do three to four sets for each muscle group you are working to get the best bang for your buck. For example, today I worked biceps and triceps. For my biceps workout I did four sets of hammer curls, four sets of dumbbell curls, and four sets of straight bar curls. That takes time.

A friend of mine goes to the gym twice a week and in that time he tries to get in everything in just two days. I told him that’s crazy.  You’d either be spending several hours each time you work out, or not getting in an effective workout.

Whatever you decide, make sure to give your muscles time off after a hard workout; a two-day rest is a good idea. If your legs are so tired that you have to climb up your stairs on your hands and knees like a newborn, then you need a break!

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