Warm-Up with Weights

It’s boring doing the same exercises all the time, which is why you need to mix is up to get optimal results so why are you doing the same warm-ups with every workout? Aren’t you sick of doing jumping jacks and jump ropes? Warm up with weights next time. Grab a set of 5 pound weights. It’s not supposed to be hard; it’s just supposed to get those muscles warmed up to prevent injury.

What are those red dots? The cause and how to get rid of them.

If you see red dots on your skin, they are called cherry angiomas and can be removed by a dermatologist. They zap them with a laser. It stings for a few seconds and you’ll have slightly larger and darker red spots for a few days. In about a week, those ugly red spots will be gone.

What causes these red dots to appear is up for debate but many believe they are caused by bromine toxicity. Too much bromine is said to cause many maladies, such as thyroid issues. Toxins make you fat. The bromine hangs around fat. Check the fat on your body. I bet you’ll see more of those red dots in the fatty areas (belly) than on your thinner areas, such as your arms. Bromine is in bread, cosmetics, pesticides, asthma inhalers and prescription drugs. Yet another reason to avoid drugs and non-organic products.

To remove excess bromine, have vitamin C, iodine in conjunction with iodized salt (speak to a specialist for exact amounts), seaweed, yogurt, cheese, eggs and kelp. I’m going to buy more oranges today.

Sweetened Tea Bags, What’s Up with That?!

I drink tea all the time. If it’s good tea, it doesn’t need any sweetener. I noticed that tea manufacturers have been adding stevia to the tea bags. If I want it sweetened, let me add my own sweetener please! In the winter time I may add some honey to tea when I’m ill, but these teas are so sweet, the honey would make it undrinkable. Some of the teas have so much stevia, that’s it’s sickening. What do you think? Do you like tea with stevia already in it? If you don’t, let’s let the manufacturers know. I want my regular tea back!

A diet program that works

You’ve probably purchased several products that you’ve seen on TV that promise the world, but then they don’t deliver. This one does. It’s pretty easy and the audio CDs are really motivating. The smoothie/drink recipes are really weird tasting and the recipes I tried weren’t very good. The exercise video is great for someone at any fitness level, but they are corney. To make it more difficult, add heavier weights, or just add one of the workouts to your typical exercise routine. What makes this so good is the audios. He’s really inspiring and motivates you. You get to eat more often and lose weight. Pretty much nothing seems to work for me, but this one did so it should work for you too. It’s called Food Lovers. You can buy it online at Foodlovers.com.

Joint Pain – How to Get Rid of It

I had terrible pain in my knees and thought it was from ballet classes. Ice packs helped a little, but not enough. Even after I quit the ballet lessons, my knees still hurt whenever I did jumping lunges or any type of high-impact exercises. After I removed the majority of items that contained sugar from the cupboards and the refrigerator, I noticed that my knees stopped hurting. Apparently this is more common than I thought. Sugar causes joint pain! Now that’s another good reason to stop eating sugar. Sweet!

Tuna and Pasta with Red Wine Vinaigrette

tuna and pasta

I’m not a fan of tuna; it just doesn’t taste great, but I found this recipe that I make again and again because it’s super tasty. Rachel Ray’s dishes are typically unhealthy and fattening, but this one is all good. I use cilantro since I don’t like parsley. I also add chopped red bell pepper for crunch. Four torn kalmata olives per person makes this dish awesome. Here’s the link: http://www.rachaelraymag.com/recipes/rachael-ray-magazine-recipe-search/healthy-good-for-you-recipes/tuna-pasta-salad

The vinaigrette is 2 T olive oil, salt, pepper, 1/4 cup red wine vinegar, 2 T honey. This vinaigrette is enough for two people.

Antiperspirant – is it harmful?

antisperspirant warningDid you know that in order to stop perspiration, products use aluminum? Rubbing a metal into your skin so it absorbs and plugs up sweat glands just doesn’t seem like a safe thing to do. Grab your antiperspirant and read the warning label. I bet you’ll see a warning not to use if you have kidney disease. Heavy metals are toxic and can damage kidneys and liver. That’s scary stuff.

If you want to smell clean, but don’t want aluminum in your deodorant, there are some out there. Just look for deodorant and make sure “antiperspirant” is not listed anywhere on the label. If you plan to switch, you may want to start in the winter time, when it’s cooler, and when you’re sweating less. You may find when you stop using antiperspirant you’re sweating more than normal, because you’re no longer plugging up your skin and your skin can finally breathe. Be patient, the excessing sweating will calm down.

On a hot day, you’re still going to sweat, but at least you won’t be stinky and won’t be sweating over metal toxicity anymore!

Chai-Chocolate Smoothie

chai smoothie
I just tried this smoothie this morning. If you like Chai tea, you’ll like this. I omitted the dates and used 3/4 scoop sweetened vanilla protein powder. I added 3/4 cup crushed ice. I didn’t have the kale, but I’ll try it with kale next time. It’s too bitter with cacao nibs so if you don’t have those, you’re good. Here’s the link:http://anunrefinedvegan.com/2013/06/11/chai-chocolate-green-smoothie/

Pilates – ouch!

Many people have told me they hurt their backs from Pilates. I take Pilates classes fairly regularly, and think they’re fun and a great workout for the abs and legs. If your abs aren’t strong enough, your back will end up hurting. My tip is to go MUCH lighter on the resistance. You’ll still get a great workout.

I’ve never hurt my back with any Pilates workout, but I did hurt my toe. Is that weird? The woman on the reformer next to me left her weights in the middle of the isle and I stubbed my toe on them. Ugh!

Pilates instructions, would you tell everyone to put their weights under their reformer whenever they aren’t holding them? Thank you!

Want muscles?


If you want muscles, sometimes weights aren’t enough. It’s safe to supplement with creatine. The only thing is, creatine won’t work at all without insulin. So if you are diabetic, take creatine after a weight-training workout with some carbs and insulin. You’ll be pumping more iron in no time