Red Heads: what colors to wear

best clothing colors and make-up colors for red headsIf you’re a male or a female with red hair, you can make your skin look healthier and your eyes brighter by following the following clothing tips.

Don’t wear white, black, dark blue, red or pink shirts, scarves, glasses or hats (basically anything near your face and neck, since these colors clash with your completion). You can wear these colors as long as they are away from your face and hair; some examples are: pants, shoes, and belts.

Instead wear creams, browns, peaches (a perfect color for lipstick and shadow), turquoise, light blue, and magenta. You want to wear warm colors near your face since they will work with your skin color, instead of against it, and colors from the warm pallet will make your blue eyes pop!

Why you shouldn’t test your blood sugar during or right after exercise

I’ve found that blood sugars levels are inaccurate during exercise or right after exercise. The reason for this is if you are testing your blood sugar from drops of blood taken from your finger instead of from your arm (such as when a nurse draws your blood), there is a lag time when it comes to blood getting to your extremities. Because of this, for a diabetic, it’s important to check blood sugar BEFORE exercising. If you want to see what your blood sugar level is after your workout, give it an hour since it can take up to an hour for the blood sugar levels to normalize.

Cotton can make you sick. How to protect your skin.

The clothes we wear, the sheets on our bed and the towels we dry off with are made with cotton. In the fields, cotton is sprayed heavily with pesticides. I’ve heard of cases where people get horrible rashes or end up in the hospital from wearing new jeans! Whenever you buy new clothes, bedding, or anything that comes in contact with your skin, make sure to wash them in soap and water first. When using cotton balls on your face, spend the extra money for certified organic cotton balls. Just like washing your hands for health reasons, make sure to wash other items too!

To prevent weight gain, always check this first

The other night I went to Lazy Dog Restaurant planning to have the Ginger Soy Salmon with brown rice, but decided against it when I saw that this entree contains 1050 calories. Wow! Who would have thought such a healthy-sounding dish has that many calories. I’m so glad that I checked the nutritional information before ordering. I chose the Spicy Thai Chicken Salad that has only 440 calories instead. That salad was flavorful, spicy, and crisp. It was delicious and I plan to order it again the next time I eat there.

Thank goodness large chains are now required to list all calories, fat, salt, carbs, fiber and protein; and provide this information to customers when asked. At P.F. Chang’s, the Chicken Lettuce Wraps are 530 calories and that’s just an appetizer! I used to get the combo Lo Mein at P.F. Chang’s, but I had no idea it’s 880 calories and has a whopping 3400 mg of salt. No wonder I was stuffed and thirsty afterwards! Another dish I used to get every time at the Cheesecake Factory was the Luau Salad, but I’m not ordering the dinner portion anymore at 800 calories.

Remember to look over the nutritional information or ask how the dish is prepared the next time you go out to eat. Knowing this data can either help you gain or lose weight. At least now, the choice is yours!

Do you miss parmesan cheese? I found a great substitute!

If you are avoiding dairy, I have some good news. There’s a healthy vegan parmesan cheese you can buy at many heath food markets. It’s called Parma. My kitty likes cheese and wanted some too. You can sprinkle this on your pasta, or add it as a topping to any dish that you normally would add parmesan cheese. I used it in a vegan gluten-free mac and cheese dish which turned out creamy, zesty and delicious. My dairy-loving guests couldn’t believe it didn’t have any cheese!

How much protein & how many carbs should my pre & post-workout drink have?

Your pre-workout or post-workout drink should have twice the amount of carbs in comparison to the amount of protein. My smoothies typically have 30 or 45 grams of carbs, with half of those grams as protein. For instance, a banana has 30 grams of carbs, so I will put 15 grams of protein powder in my shake. Since a typical scoop of protein powder has 20 grams, I just use 3/4 of a scoop.

If I have a cup and a half of mangoes, which is about 45 grams of carbs, I’ll add a full scoop of protein powder that contains 20 grams of protein. Now that you’re fueled up with the right combination of protein and carbohydrates, start your workout!

How to get rid of those last stubborn pounds

You’ve done everything right but those last pounds just won’t come off. You eat clean: no fried foods, low-fat meats and dairy, whole grain, lots of vegetables. You exercise 4-6 days a week. You do a lot of cardio. You eat the right about of calories, but that extra fat just won’t budge. It’s so frustrating! Don’t give up though.

There’s only so much cardio a person can do. You want your body to be a fat burning machine and the best way to do that is by building muscle. For the women out there, don’t be afraid of getting too buff, you just don’t have the genetics to get big. I did three sets of 95 pound squats this week and my legs are lean.

Forget about the 3 or 5 pound weights, those aren’t going to do anything for you. Use those for your warm up. Be smart though, start small and build up. In time, you’ll be squatting your own weight and be a fat-burning machine!

Yoga for Stomach Pain

When ginger ale, ginger tea, Pepto Bismol and/or chamomile tea doesn’t help when your stomach hurts, try 20 to 30 minutes of gentle yoga. You should feel relaxed, calmer and pain free when you’re done.

How to make triceps kickbacks more effective in two seconds

We want our triceps to be firm; no flapping allowed! The trick is the two-second hold. I like to focus on one arm at a time. Stagger your feet, one foot in front and the other further back. With one dumbbell in the right hand, place your free arm (the left) on your left quad, bending over so that you are parallel to the floor. Keep your lower back tight. Pull the weight up and stop when your arm is bent at 90 degrees. Then press the weight back, towards the ceiling. At the top, hold for two seconds. You may need to start with a lighter weight than usual since it is much harder to hold the weight against gravity for two seconds. Try to do three sets of 10-12 reps, switching weights to the other hand with each set. You’ll have stronger, sexier triceps in no time!

Pea Protein

pea protein
I’ve been looking for a vegan protein powder that doesn’t have any flavoring or sweetener and I finally found it. This Pea Protein from Nutra is a lot less grainy than other green protein powders and no strong flavor. I like to use this when I don’t want to change the flavor of my fruit smoothie. When I make a mango fruit smoothie, it doesn’t need any sweetener since mangoes are sweet enough, so this protein powder is perfect. Sometimes I use half a scoop of this pea protein powder with half a scoop of a sweetened vanilla protein powder which works well when using fruit that could be sweeter, or if you add greens to your drink and want to cover up the taste of your bitter greens.

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