Pilates – ouch!

Many people have told me they hurt their backs from Pilates. I take Pilates classes fairly regularly, and think they’re fun and a great workout for the abs and legs. If your abs aren’t strong enough, your back will end up hurting. My tip is to go MUCH lighter on the resistance. You’ll still get a great workout.

I’ve never hurt my back with any Pilates workout, but I did hurt my toe. Is that weird? The woman on the reformer next to me left her weights in the middle of the isle and I stubbed my toe on them. Ugh!

Pilates instructions, would you tell everyone to put their weights under their reformer whenever they aren’t holding them? Thank you!

Want muscles?


If you want muscles, sometimes weights aren’t enough. It’s safe to supplement with creatine. The only thing is, creatine won’t work at all without insulin. So if you are diabetic, take creatine after a weight-training workout with some carbs and insulin. You’ll be pumping more iron in no time

4th of July Lie to Save Your Diet

Tomorrow is the 4th of July, but you don’t want to ruin your diet or upset your family and friends by not eating the high fat foods they made. This is what I do. Before I leave to go to the BBQ, I eat a little something so I’m not starved by the time I get there. I pick out the healthy foods and eat those. When people come up to me and say, “why don’t you have the ribs or the fried chicken on your plate?” I reply, “Oh I did! They were so good I scarfed them down. I’m such a little piggy. I’d have more but I’m already stuffed!” It’s a lie, but you stick to your diet plan and everyone’s happy. Happy 4th of July!

Organic Dairy Free Chocolate Bar

Organic Dairy Free Chocolate Bar
Cliff makes a dairy free, sugar free, gluten free chocolate bar that’s certified organic. Look for the name Kit’s Organic Fruit and Nut Bar. Most healthy, dairy and sugar free bars are on the bitter side and taste funky, but this one is really good. It has just 6 ingredients: dates, almonds, unsweetened chocolate, coconut, coconut oil and salt. A treat without the guilt, now that’s sweet!

Do Carbs Make You Fat?

Sunday’s LA Times article on page A13, titled “Carbs can leave you craving…” summarizes two studies of 12 overweight males who were hungrier after eating pancakes, white pasta, or other high carb foods, than if they had eaten a meal “…with more protein and fiber and fewer carbohydrates…” What the article doesn’t say is that any time you eat carbs, you should eat protein which slows down blood sugar spikes. In every meal, the right combination is protein, carbs that contain fiber, with a little bit of fat. This combination is great for losing weight too! If you have a high carb meal or snack, such as candy, your blood sugar will soar, and then plummet, which makes sense that the men were much hungrier after eating high carb/lower fiber foods. The researches hypothesized that if you eat carbs high on the glycemic chart often, the more likely you will crave them, and the more apt you will be at pigging out.

Chocolate Tea

Cocoa Tea
I love chocolate so I was thrilled when I found this Mate Chocolate tea. It’s best on cold days. Whenever we go skiing I bring of bunch of these tea bags. While everyone else is drinking traditional milk and calorie-laden hot chocolate, I’ve got my zero calorie cocoa tea.

Low Calorie doesn’t have to be Unhealthy

In 2014 public schools will have to provide lower calorie snacks and foods. In the Los Angeles Times Sunday, June 30th, 2013 article “Snack time to go low-cal in schools next year” on page A 13, reads, “Doughnuts and cookies will be out: baked chips and granola bars will be in.” Is that the best they can do? Chips are made with salt and flour or corn. That’s not nutritious. Granola has oats but it also has lots of sugar and fat. Why couldn’t they provide nuts and dried fruit instead?

The article states that “sugary drinks will be replaced by low-or no-calorie flavored water and diet sodas.” So, now they are going from bad to worse! I’d prefer they ban caramel color in sodas. Replacing sugar with a synthetic sweetener that is shown to create cancer is lab rats is not okay! I’m all for reducing calories, but let’s do it the right way! How about smaller bottles? Provide coconut water and unsweetened tea please!

Finally, A Green Tea that tastes Good!

I don’t like green tea. I’ve tried many types of hot green tea from Asian restaurants, various green teas from stores, and iced green tea from all over. Yuck! I shouldn’t have to add sweetener to make it taste good. I finally found one that tastes fabulous on its own. It’s organic green tea from Tulsi. Let me know what you think


MSG and Japanese Mayo

Even if you are not bothered by MSG, stay away from the stuff, it’s toxic. I avoid mayo and now it’s even more important, Kewpie has MSG in their mayonnaise. It’s also commonly referred to as Japanese mayo. If you eat sushi, they might be using this. Beware!

Good Foam Roller – where to find

Foam Roller

I found a really good, firm foam roller at Frog’s Fitness for $29.99 plus tax. I thought that was a good price and wanted to share this with you.

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