Cardio – too much?

In the media and practically everywhere else, you hear: if you want to lose weight, do cardio. Cardiovascular workouts do burn fat, but they can only do so much. I wanted to lose those extra pounds and was doing 30 minutes of cardio every day. Nothing. Then I did 1 hour of cardio a day. Nothing. Then I amped it up to two to three hours, depending on how much time I had to spare. Nothing! I cut back on cardio to 30 minutes a day and added 1 hour of weight-lifting, and not those little fives, four times a week. Guess what? Weight loss!

Review of Dari-Free Milk Alertnative

For those who miss dairy milk and chocolate milk, this gluten, casein, fat and cholesterol free milk alternative called DariFree by Vance Foods promises you’ll miss dairy milk no more. The one that is supposed to taste like dairy milk just tastes weird. Soy milk and hazelnut milk are much tastier. The chocolate milk they make is pretty good, but with 20 grams of carbs and zero protein, I’ll make my own.

Why do people stop weight-loss programs that work?

I have a friend who was on Jenny Craig and lost a lot of weight, but she stopped eating their meals and gained the weight back. She’s been saying she’s going back to Jenny Craig, but hasn’t done so in months. Why don’t people stick to plans like these if they work? I like cooking so I was never interested in meals for purchase. Are they not tasty?

Dairy-Free Protein Powder

I’ve been enjoying MRM’s Vanilla Egg-White protein powder for years, but felt sick for roughly six hours after having it with a fruit smoothie. I called the company and they use it on shared equipment with their whey protein powder and said the product may contain trace amounts of dairy. I told them there wasn’t a trace, there was a ton, otherwise I wouldn’t have felt terrible for six hours! MRM picked up the full canister and said they will have it tested by a third party and will let me know the results. I’ll keep you posted.

Trainer Fit Tip

Before any type of exercise, drink 16 ounces of water. You’ll have more flexibility and mobility

Get Recall Notices

You can go to the FDA website and get emailed notifications when products are recalled due contamination or unlisted allergens. Every week it seems products are being recalled due to salmonella or milk being in the products but not listed on the label. Scary stuff!

Sweating not required

I’ve read and heard that if you’re not sweating hard enough, then you’re not working hard enough. That’s not true. Not everyone sweats the same amount. The employee at the carpet store had drips of sweat down his face, while my husband and I were quite comfortable.

At a hot yoga class, my towel will be soaking, but I’ll burn more calories and be super exhausted by just 30 minutes of squats, lunges with weights and jumps…and I’m not sweaty during weight-training.

Some people cannot sweat because of a condition called anhidrosis aka hypohidrosis. You can read more about this from the Mayo clinic from the following link: 

So, now you know. If someone tells you work harder, show them that karate kick you’ve been practicing!

Guys and Beer, Help me out here!

We sip wine, we sip margaritas and we sip martinis so why do guys gulp down beer? Don’t you like beer? Don’t people gulp down drinks they hate because they can’t stand the taste? No? If you guys LOVE beer, then why don’t you sip it? Savor it! Don’t down the whole pint in two swallows and then belch out your name. Gross!

Breast Augmentation – enough is enough!

I’m so annoyed that with every shirt I buy, I have to also buy a matching tank top to go under it. Newsflash: not everyone has a boob job! Slim women typically have smaller breasts. Big boobs and skinny legs = fake, fake, fake. Guys tells me that looks weird, and it does because it’s not natural. Ladies, stop it! Enough is enough. A guy that only likes you for your boobs is a guy that’s selfish and insecure; you don’t want that!

Six Pack Abs – Where can I buy them?

Wouldn’t it be nice to order your six pack abs? Wait, isn’t that what so many people do already? All the infomercials for exercise DVDs promise that if you follow their meal plan and do their exercises for 90 days, you too will have 6-pack abs. Unless you’re already really lean, that’s unlikely. My trainer said that genetics plays a big part in it. Those amazing bodies look that way because they are getting HGH injections at $1000/month. WebMD also says that six-pack abs are rare. It’s too bad our society’s image of perfection is one that is unnatural and unattainable without surgery or extreme measures.

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