high fruit vs. low-carb raw vegan diets (80/10/10 Doug Graham vs Dr. Brooke Goldner’s hyper-nourish), which one is healthier?

written by Nina Shantel, blog:, published April 12, 2022 (if you are viewing this on email or on social media, please visit site at for the most updated version of this post; it looks better, and it shows me an accurate count of views) Raw vegans proclaim that their diets are the best and encourage […]

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Reverse lupus, autoimmune conditions: diabetes 1.5, EM, Raynaud’s, Long-COVID

Diseases and autoimmune conditions can often be reversed by changing one’s lifestyle, like exercising, being a healthy weight, reducing stress and eating a diet of primarily plant-based foods. Doctors are taught very little about nutrition in school, so they either give no nutrition counseling, or incorrect nutrition information to their patients, which makes their patents […]

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