Should Type-1 diabetics be on a keto diet?

I wanted to try the keto diet because it’s supposed to burn fat fast. The original ketogenic diet is a short-term, carb-cycling, fat-loss program, but it’s extreme and can be dangerous. Most people have modified the original ketogenic diet so that there are no more than 30-50 grams of carbs every day, as long as […]

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Carb Cycling – Should you do it?

When you want to get really lean, go for carb cycling, which varies the amount of carbohydrates, from low or no carbs, to high carbs, to shock your body. I tried this and lost 2 pounds in one week and was stoked on how tight my abs looked, but gained the weight right back the […]

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Are you skinny-fat?

Skinny-fat sounds like a contradiction. It’s when a person is thin but has a small layer of fat, especially around the stomach. If you exercise a lot, don’t overeat and eat healthy the majority of the time, but you cannot get rid of those last stubborn pounds, these tips may be the solution to sexy […]

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