What is The High-Five Diet?

The High-Five Diet is a book that explains nutrition and encourages a dairy-free diet, but it’s so much more than a diet book; it’s a personal story that reads like a novel. The author chronicles what life was like growing up with severe food allergies, and how she had to completely change her eating habits […]

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What’s the best Low-Calorie Dairy-Free Cookbook?

If you are looking for a dairy-free cookbook, the High-Five Diet, have over 50 recipes, and they are calorie and carbohydrate controlled so you can lose excess weight. All the recipes are dairy-free, 90% of which are gluten-free, and all the desserts are vegan. This is not your typical diet book. You will learn: everything […]

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Fighting Diabetes & Regaining Health

I’ve been writing these blogs (479 to date) for a little over 3 years now and hope you’ve enjoyed them. I like doing research and providing helpful information to others, but I also started this blog in hopes to get followers to purchase my book, The High-Five Diet. I made it affordable at $14.95. If you can support […]

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The High-Five Diet is finally available!

The diet book that everyone’s been waiting for is finally available at   It took 3 years of research and writing because this is not your typical diet book. The High-Five Diet is a fat loss plan by limiting dairy and high-fat and low-nutrient foods, combined with specific food combination and timing which revs up your metabolism. […]

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