When being lean just isn’t good enough

I know how to get lean, but I want to get ripped so I paid my trainer for a customized diet plan where I ate 1600 calories a day with protein at 26%, carbs at 51% and fat at 23% of my diet. I woke up nightly at 2am, starving, but refrained from eating because, […]

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What’s better? Eat less or exercise more?

My client called me and said that he gained 10 pounds over the holidays. Wow! He asked me if he should reduce calories or start exercising. I told him to do both for best results. I also told him to measure out pasta and rice portions since those contain a lot of calories. In addition, […]

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Can’t athletes eat whatever they want?

Athletes burn a lot of calories so they can eat a lot and may look great with their washboard abs, so many think they can eat whatever they want without consequences. What you eat, not how much you eat is the key to a lean, fit body. Dwight Howard, a 27 year-old basketball player for […]

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Go on, Cheat a Little!

I was speaking to a co-worker and we were sharing our diets. She asked me, “Don’t you ever cheat?” I replied, “Sure. Just the other day I had a slice of a raw vegan cheesecake.” She countered, “That’s not cheating!” I consider that cheating because, even though there is no flour, sugar, or dairy; it’s not a […]

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