When being lean just isn’t good enough

I know how to get lean, but I want to get ripped so I paid my trainer for a customized diet plan where I ate 1600 calories a day with protein at 26%, carbs at 51% and fat at 23% of my diet. I woke up nightly at 2am, starving, but refrained from eating because, […]

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weird abdominal exercise

Crunches are lame! Try this ab exercise that not only tightens the core, but if you add weights like Coach Nate does in this video, you’ll also work your upper body.

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Blast Away Stubborn Fat

To tap into those stubborn fat stores, high intensity exercises such as box jumps, sprints, jump rope, high-knees, boxing and kickboxing will do the trick. These types of workouts will make you sweat and maybe even make you see stars, but if you want 6-pack abs, that’s what you’re going to have to do. Stop […]

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Flat Abs Now!

Do you want flat abs? Doesn’t everyone? If you’ve been working out a week or maybe a few months and are frustrated that you don’t have flat abs yet, don’t despair, but don’t expect miracles either. Flat abs are hard work. You cannot expect to go from flabby to fabulous in a short period of […]

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