How to eat fewer calories in 2017

There’s so many yummy foods and desserts that are easily available to us so it’s no surprise that most people are overweight. So, why is it that some people are able to resist high-calorie foods, or can stop at just one bite? A lot of folks find food self-medicating. It becomes an obsessive drug that […]

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Is your resolution to lose weight?

Is your New Year’s resolution to lose weight? Didn’t you have that same resolution last year? So, what are you going to do differently? Are you going to limit beverages that have calories, exercise more, and cook more at home? Great! Depending on the recipe, some home-cooked meals are laden with fat and calories so […]

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What’s better? Eat less or exercise more?

My client called me and said that he gained 10 pounds over the holidays. Wow! He asked me if he should reduce calories or start exercising. I told him to do both for best results. I also told him to measure out pasta and rice portions since those contain a lot of calories. In addition, […]

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