Is your cooking oil poisoned?

Most of the food I buy is organic because I don’t want to eat pesticides or anything that’s been genetically modified. Cooking oils that are non-certified organic are frequently processed by using chemical solvents like hexane so it’s worth the extra cost to seek out products with the round certified organic seal (1). P.S. Check […]

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Always Organic

Not everyone can afford to only purchase organic products due to their higher price tag. That’s unfortunate because everyone should have the resources available to buy untainted foods. If a product is certified organic distinguished by the circular USDA seal, that is your guarantee that there is no MSG, pesticides, hormones, or antibiotics. It also […]

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Cotton can make you sick. How to protect your skin.

The clothes we wear, the sheets on our bed and the towels we dry off with are made with cotton. In the fields, cotton is sprayed heavily with pesticides. I’ve heard of cases where people get horrible rashes or end up in the hospital from wearing new jeans! Whenever you buy new clothes, bedding, or […]

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