Should you take supplements?

Supplements are a huge profit-making industry. We’ve been told to take supplements as added insurance for good health, but some manufactures have admitted they don’t pop their own pills. “Maria Carmen Gomez-Cabrera, a physiologist at the university of Valencia and one of the world’s leading experts on antioxidants was debating the merits of supplements with […]

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Are Fish Oil Supplements Dangerous?

We’ve been told to take fish oil supplements but in the October issue of Outside magazine, the article listed under “Supplemental Evidence” may make you rethink taking these pills. The Prostate Cancer Prevention trial looked at two studies and concluded that the “men with high concentrations of omega-3 fatty acid DHA in their blood had […]

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Not all Supplements are Safe

In Dr. Paul A. Offit’s article “Alluring but risky medicine,” released on 7/7/13, page A29, in the LA Times, he reminds us to do research on all supplements before taking them since supplements are not regulated by the FDA so manufacturers don’t need to validate their claims or disclose adverse reactions. That’s scary. He sites, “…blue cohosh can […]

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