gluten-free vegan berry millet breakfast bowl

I wanted a breakfast or a sugar-free snack that I didn’t have to cook, that would be really fast and easy to make, and be healthy so I came up with this gluten-free vegan berry millet breakfast bowl. I prefer the blueberries be frozen since it gives it a nice crunch. You can use currants […]

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Amy’s Roasted Vegetable No Cheese Vegan Pizza review

Finally there’s a dairy free and vegan pizza, and it’s delicious! This Roasted Vegetable No Cheese Pizza has organic ingredients too. You can serve it to your pickiest food critic and they won’t even miss the cheese. The crust is a medium thickness, crisp on the bottom and edges, and has the perfect amount of […]

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Vegan, Gluten Free Snack

This flavor, Cashew Caramel, of Go Macro Macrobar is delicious. It’s 260 calories. Eat half between breakfast and lunch and the other half between lunch and dinner. This way you get a treat without adding calories

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Vegan Meal to Go

I’m not a fan of Pro Bar except for this flavor, Koka Moka, which I love. It’s 100% vegan and yummy! It has nuts, oats and tiny chocolate chips. If I’m on a long flight or too busy to sit down for a meal, I’ll eat one of these. They are 370 calories so they’ll […]

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Raw Cacao Nibs, What to do with them

If you have seen unsweetened cacao nibs in clear plastic bags at the store or have some at home and are wondering what to do with them, I have a few suggestions. These are 100% raw chocolate; so they are very bitter. They have a wonderful crunch, similar to a toasted slivered almond. Since they are so incredibly bitter, […]

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