Should you try Chromium ?

Cinnamon, bitter melon, and chromium picolinate are supposed to stabilize blood sugar (which I think is a bunch of nonsense because I tried them all and they didn’t lower my blood sugar at all). There have been studies on chromium supplements and the conclusion is that chromium only helps pre-diabetics. So, if you are already […]

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Diabetes and depression

If you’ve been newly diagnosed as diabetic, or if you’ve been a diabetic for years, you’re bound to have bouts of depression due to fluctuations in blood sugar. Being diagnosed with a disease is definitely a depressing realization. One of the biggest challenges a diabetic has is to keep her or her blood sugar stabilized. […]

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Why you shouldn’t test your blood sugar during or right after exercise

I’ve found that blood sugars levels are inaccurate during exercise or right after exercise. The reason for this is if you are testing your blood sugar from drops of blood taken from your finger instead of from your arm (such as when a nurse draws your blood), there is a lag time when it comes […]

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