The problem with snacking

flourless peanut butter cookies

It’s those mid-day cravings where you want a little something salty or sweet that, ultimately, spills over into unwanted weight gain. Those small serving sizes are never what we actually eat. I bought crackers where the serving size was 5 tiny crackers! Who can stop at five? Back when I was tracking my calories, I was shocked to learn I was eating 700 calories in snacks alone! It’s so easy for these treats to add up. A muffin between breakfast and lunch, a few cookies from the break room, and some ice cream after dinner can easily go over 1000 calories.

A way to curb snacking is to make your breakfast and lunch a little bigger, then divide each in half so those two meals end up as 4 mini-meals. I eat each mini meal every 2-3 hours. Do this too and you won’t be hungry for snacks.

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Photo: Even though these flourless peanut butter cookies have no butter or added fat, they’re too scrumptious to stop at one!

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