Vega One protein powder review

Vegan French Vanilla Protein Powder sample

I posted a question on Facebook to see if anyone could recommend a sugar-free, grain-free, certified organic, vegan protein powder that tastes good, so I can add it to my fruit smoothies, and this flavor and brand was recommended by several people. I bought the sample, added it with a frozen banana, one cup of cold water, and blended it in my Ninja.

Like many other vegan protein powders, it didn’t mix well, and small clumps of protein floated to the top. No matter how many times I blended it, the protein powder still didn’t entirely dissolve. It didn’t even taste like vanilla. It just had an odd, somewhat sickeningly sweet aftertaste that ruined my favorite breakfast.  I tried Vega’s Coconut Almond flavor too, but that one was gross too.

I’ll stick to my Paleo collagen protein powder I like, even though it’s not vegan and has no flavor because I’m always happy with how my smoothies taste. Here’s the link to the one I use:

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