cancer-free patients prescribed chemotherapy

some doctors are evil

An oncologist by the name of Dr. Fata, told many of his patients that they had cancer even though they were cancer-free. Many of these patients incurred permanent injuries from unnecessary chemotherapy treatments, such as lost teeth, organ damage and some died. Sometimes he told his patients he cured them because of how it felt, even though they were never sick in the first place.

In a U.S. court of law, he admitted guilt and was convicted, and said the reason he said he did it was greed (he received payments for the chemotherapy drugs) and power. He was convicted of these crimes in court and it was discovered that over 500 of his patients received chemotherapy that didn’t have cancer.

Even though doctors take the oath to do no harm, there are some that care only about making money, and do not care about the well-being of their patients. Any time that you are given a diagnosis and are prescribed treatment or medication, make sure to get a second opinion; your life could depend on it.

Source: Rosenberg, Chuck, host. “Barbara McQuade: Greed and Power.” The Oath with Chuck Rosenberg. 11, Jun. 2019. Podcast

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