why vegetarians are fatter than carnivores


While not all vegetarians have a higher bodyfat percentage than meat-eaters, many are heavier, and are less healthy than those that consume animal proteins. Not only have I found that vegetarians are fatter than carnivores, to be true, over the years in everyday conversations with those that I meet, but also solidifies my theory, in the gym where people hire me for weight loss and strength training.

I don’t tell vegetarians to eat meat, but I do tell them to eat more protein from beans, and to remove all dairy products and junk food from their diet. When people don’t have enough protein, they are hungry and gravitate towards unhealthy fatty, and sugary items. I asked one of my clients what she thinks she’s eating that’s causing her to keep gaining weight, because the meals she told me she was eating were low in calories and healthy; at work she snacked on foods in the breakroom, like donuts, mini chocolate bars, and Doritos. I asked that she work towards being 100% vegan. She is following my advice, but occasionally slips up, but she’s still losing bodyfat, and she said she feels as if a cloud has been lifted, since she has more clarity and better focus.

While I’m not a vegan (it works great for some, but not for all), I’m 100% dairy-free because dairy makes me violently ill. You will shed a lot more fat, have a lot more energy, have a healthier gut microbiome, reduce belly pain, and have clearer skin by omitting dairy. Give it a try!

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