how to strengthen weak shoulders & core

Ball-walkouts are phenomenal at getting your whole core (and abs) strong. It’s also a great exercise for frozen shoulder rehabilitation. The first thing, before you begin, is to make sure you have the right size ball. Since I’m short, I have to use a smaller ball. You also want to make sure the ball is not over-inflated, otherwise it will hurt to lay on, and be extremely difficult to balance on.

ball walkout

When I was teaching my clients at the gym how to perform ball walk-outs, most of them wanted to rush through it, by walking out too fast, but that’s a recipe for a fall. To start, squat low, drape your belly over the ball, place your hands on the ground, shoulder-width apart. Walk forward, slowly with your hands, squeeze your butt to work the abs, and to prevent your low back from creating a painful bow-shape. Walk forwards, in a straight line, as far as you feel comfortable. When you become more proficient at ball walk-outs, you can extend out as far as the top of your laces on your shoes, and you can do a pike (photo) below.

pike on a Swiss ball

If you fear falling, try this on carpet, and bring one leg out to the side (see video below), if you lose your balance. You can also ask a family member or friend (who has excellent balance and is stronger than you) to walk along side you, during the walkouts, and have their hands near your waist. If you wobble, that person just (gently) straightens your waist so that you’re in a straight line. The end-goal is to do three sets of ten ball-walkouts. If you’re up for more of a challenge, you can add a pike, tucks, and/or a pike press

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