How to grow long and strong natural nails

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You can grow your nails long and make them strong with these 12 tips:

12 tips to grow long and strong nails

1. Don’t push back your cuticles, or cut, or trim them as this can cause an infection. If your cuticles are uneven, use your fingernail to gently push the cuticle back

2. Wear gloves every time you clean. The chemicals in cleaning products are harmful to our skin, and this includes the nails and cuticles

3. Put moisturizer on your hands every time you wash them; frequent hand washing dries out hands and cuticles.

4. Remove and re-paint nail polish weekly. Polish adds a layer of protection and makes nails thicker.

5. Keep your hands out of the sun to prevent age spots. The sun also dries out the skin.

6. Take a calcium supplement nightly after dinner, which will help your nails grow stronger and faster. My nails grow so fast, I have to trim them every two weeks.

7. Use a nail polish that has fewer chemicals. I wear Pixie Dusk by Ella Mila

Another healthier nail polish brand that’s supposed to be good is Kure Bazaar which you can order from

8. Don’t use acetone to remove nail polish; this is too drying. I use Ella Mila’s soy nail polish; this healthier polish remover takes longer to remove nail polish, but it doesn’t dry out nails and doesn’t have that toxic chemical smell.

9. Keep your nails in a more of a square shape instead of pointy. It not only looks better, your nails will have a larger base and more strength with this shape.

10. File any rough edges right away to prevent snags and tearing of the nail.

11. Don’t use gels or acrylics; to remove the glue, part of your enamel gets stripped away, making your nail thinner

12. Don’t use your nails as tools. Your nails can chip if you use them to remove labels, or to push a hole in something. Use scissors instead of your nails.

You don’t need to go to a nail salon to have beautiful, manicured nails. I’ve been painting and shaping my nails for years; it saves time, money, and I don’t have to smell the chemicals wafting around the salon.

Watch the video below to see the nail polish I use, how my hands look, and what calcium I use:

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