Is moderation key for weight loss? (Nope! Here’s why)

written by Nina Shantel, blog:, published July 26, 2022

A small donut for breakfast, a little bit of cheese on pasta, some wine in the evening, a cookie for a snack…these high-fat, high-calorie foods are THE reason why it’s so difficult to lose weight and reverse type 2 diabetes and other diseases. A little of bit of this sugary food and some of that fatty food, those extra calories add up fast, prevent weight loss, and promote weight gain.

Moderation does not work. Moderation is a term the dairy, sugar, meat, and pharmaceutical industries want you to believe so you keep eating and paying for their products.

Cookies made with sugar and flour are additive

In addition to overconsumption, one of the reasons why people end up with diseases and poor health conditions is that they aren’t eating enough micronutrients and fiber which are found in beans, peas, lentils, greens, vegetables, and fruit.

When people eat high fat foods like burgers, chips, butter, pastries, milk, sausages, oil, and cheese, they aren’t eating the foods that nourish and repair the body. Those foods create harmful gut bacteria and crowd out the helpful bacteria.

a bottle and a glass of wine on a wooden bench
Fill up a wine glass with grapes or berries instead of wine if you want to lose weight. Our bodies prioritize removing alcohol over metabolizing fat, so if your goal is fat loss, avoid alcohol. Photo by Cup of Couple on

Once you swap out the high fat foods found in packages and restaurants, and replace them with whole plant foods, found in the produce section of a food/supermarket, which contain water, fiber, and micronutrients, instead of mostly macronutrients (fat, protein and carbs from processed sugars), you will be fuller, and less likely to overeat.

The micronutrients, water and fibers found in plants foods, not only assist in weight loss, but allows your body to function better, remove cholesterol, boost energy, hydrate and heal your body. Beans, peas, lentils, greens, vegetables, and fruit and foods you primarily want to eat.

Moderation is NOT key for weight loss. In fact, moderation is why people have trouble losing weight and getting off medication. You wouldn’t give a recovering alcoholic a beer, a former smoker a cigarette, or a drug addict oxycontin, because those items are toxic and addictive just like fatty and sugary foods.

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