Are autoimmune conditions reversible? Most are

Most autoimmune conditions are reversible. For the few diseases or autoimmune conditions that cannot be cured, like Type-1 diabetes; those individuals can still see improvements in overall health and a reduction in symptoms with simple dietary changes.

By omitting certain inflammatory, acidic, high-protein and disease-promoting foods, and increasing anti-inflammatory, alkalizing foods, the body is able to miraculously heal itself.

Certain foods cause the majority of people to become extremely sick. These foods, over time, lower the immune system, and cause the body to attack its tissues, organs and joints.

People have been reversing cancer, Lupus, Type-2 diabetes, MS, RA, heart disease, high blood pressure, Fibromyalgia, erythromelalgia and many other diseases and autoimmune conditions by removing the toxic foods most people eat daily. Nurses, doctors, and most people mistakenly believe certain foods are good for us, encourage their consumption, when, in fact, they harm us the moment we swallow them.

I was featured on Chef AJ and where I discussed growing up with a severe allergy to dairy protein, why I ended up with numerous autoimmune conditions, what I did to improve my health, and how I was able to reverse erythromelalgia, lose excess bodyfat, increase insulin sensitivity and reduce insulin as a Type-1 diabetic.

The steps I took are based on science and proven studies, I didn’t come up with them on my own. What I did can help you too.

If this interests you, you’ll enjoy the YouTube video below and you can easily incorporate these strategies to improve your health and those you care about. I also included healthy pumpkin and chocolate popsicles recipes in the video:

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