Now you can find out what’s sabotaging your weight loss

If you can’t seem to shed extra fat and cannot figure out why, try utilizing an application that will log, not only your calories, but also your carbohydrates, fat, protein and fiber. After plugging in my meals into My Fitness Pal, I was shocked to learn that over 30% of my calories came from fat. […]

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Eat these to lose fat

If you knew which foods reduced belly fat and prevented overeating, would you eat them? In Prevention magazine’s article titled “New Foods to Fight Fat” listed in the May 2013 issue, a UK study on mice who were fed high-fat diets along with beta-glucan or inulin didn’t gain as much weight. Beta-glucan or inulin is […]

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Most Effective Way to Lose Weight

When I decided to start weight training, my three goals were to build muscle, lose some fat, and eat more. I love to eat. I’d rather exercise more just so I can eat more food. Unfortunately, unless you are spending hours and hours exercising, cardio and strength training doesn’t burn that many calories. “…Dr. Susan […]

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