No one is perfect. Stop comparing yourself to others

World GymThe image that people portray in public is usually when they are at their best. We don’t pop out of bed looking fabulous. Social media is great in some respects, but it makes many people jealous and depressed.

Other gym rats who don’t know me assume I’m just a fitness fanatic, and my job is to sell my nutrition book. I wish. That would be a dream come true if I didn’t have to work as a broker. Exercise, blogging, posting YouTube videos, and creating low-calorie meals and desserts are my hobbies.

Just because someone appears to have the best of everything, doesn’t mean they do. I post my best photos on Instagram @FitGirlUSA and Facebook. I don’t look so great without makeup. No one sees that I have severe and rare dairy allergy which can cause a life-threatening reaction called anaphylaxis. You cannot look at me and know that I have type 1 diabetes and need to administer synthetic insulin nightly, and every time I eat carbohydrates. You wouldn’t know that I have daily back pain caused by a doctor who picked me up and shook me violently.

My point is, everyone has one problem or another. Don’t be jealous of anyone. You might not want to be in their shoes. Focus on your strengths. Change what is possible to make your life better. Accept what you cannot fix. How happy you are is determined by how you think about life, not by all the negative things that happened to you. Smile. Laugh. Surround yourself with people who make you feel good. Think positive thoughts. Be kind to yourself and others. Live in the moment. You’re worth it.

Photo: Me in front of World Gym

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