Why is it so hard to lose weight?

kicking wavesLosing weight is frustrating when the pounds just don’t seem to come off fast enough. If you’ve reduced your caloric intake by 400 a day, it will take a little over a week to lose one measly pound, and that’s if you’re being consistent every day! You don’t want to drop your calories too low because your metabolism will plummet, which means your body will be burning even fewer calories.

If you’re already not eating a lot, and need to lose ten pounds, and are reducing your daily calories by 200, it will take you approximately 175 days (about 6 months) to lose 10 pounds. Ugh! The point is not to bum you out, but to reiterate that losing weight is a process that takes time. Cheating, binging, overeating…whatever you want to call it, is just going to set you back, so remember to stay on track. If you can add more exercise to your daily regimen, those excess pounds won’t take as long to shed.


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