Why no one should eat dairy

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Before I had my tonsils removed I told the doctor that I’m allergic to dairy so I couldn’t eat ice cream. He told me they no longer give people ice cream after a tonsillectomy because dairy ice cream causes mucous. Think about it this way, if a food makes our bodies produce mucous after eating it, it’s telling us it’s not something we should be consuming…ever! When you’re sick, your body is fighting bacteria or a virus, and mucus is created to get rid of it.

Still not convinced? Have you noticed how many people have to take a lactase pill to prevent severe stomach pain from drinking milk or eating ice cream? That’s because people weren’t meant to consume lactose, which is the naturally occurring sugar in milk. There’s also people like me, whose bodies react violently, medically termed anaphylaxis, after consuming dairy. For those severely allergic to dairy, the body treats dairy like the poison it is, trying to get rid of it immediately.

“Dairy can contain dioxins” “…which are linked to lymphoma” (160-161), and “iodine-containing antiseptic chemicals, used to disinfect the cow’s teats to prevent mastitis” (409). Dairy products also increase uric acid, which ups the likelihood of gout or kidney stones (171); which is why doctors tell people who get kidney stones to stop drinking milk.

Milk contains a lot of natural estrogen (213), and yet, people have stayed away from tofu because it’s thought to increase human estrogen! Estrogen from outside sources (not made within our own bodies), increases tumors and cancer risk.

The claim that dairy is good source of protein is just not true. It only has 8 grams of protein for one serving. What dairy is, it’s a good source of inflammation from natural sugar found in milk, called lactose, and dairy is “…the number-one source of saturated fat” (260). And it’s the really bad fat…trans fat (261).

Dairy doesn’t help our bones either, it actually makes them more prone to fractures (214). I get my calcium in pill form and from green, leafy vegetables (260). Even if I wasn’t allergic to milk protein, I’d still stay far away from dairy.

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Photo: It’s best not to drink your calories, unless it’s a smoothie, but sugar-free, organic almond milk (they might change the name to “beverage” instead of milk), is a good alternative to dairy milk.

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