To lose belly fat, do squats

Fit Girl on the beachYou’ve probably seen all sorts of ab-targeted exercises that promise to flatten the stomach or get rid of belly-fat. If you’ve done them, you know they don’t work. Ab exercises are great for strengthening the abdominal muscles so don’t avoid them.

The only way to reduce belly fat is to burn more calories. One exercise that burns a lot of calories is squats. The reason is that it’s extremely aerobic, and it builds muscle. Your legs burn more calories than any other body part, and when you’re building muscle, you burn calories during the workout, AND even afterwards. You will burn more calories doing squats than running, because squats elevate your heart rate during the exercise, and boots your metabolism because the calorie burning continues after the workout since your body is repairing and building more muscle. For best results, do various forms of squats, three sets of 15 reps, twice a week.

This video shows how to do front-weighted squats:

This next video shows how to do plie squats. The calf-raise is for an additional challenge:

This video shows proper form when squatting:

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