Why I don’t eat ground turkey anymore

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I love ground turkey, and I know it has more fat and calories than ground turkey breast, so I was shocked to learn that the difference between the two is 200 calories for 16 ounces. If I eat ground turkey at every meal, which I sometimes do, I’m going over my calorie budget by at least 200 calories. Even though 200 calories is not a lot, that would be one explanation for not being able to lose bodyfat.

 turkey calories

There’s even a more stark contrast in calories and fat between chicken breast meat and chicken thigh meat. There’s 357 more calories in one pound of chicken thighs, compared to chicken breast. Even if you have one, four-ounce serving of chicken thighs, that’s 89 calories more than chicken breast.

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Calories add up fast, and those small additions are typically the reason the weight won’t come off, or why people continue to gain weight. More protein intake can mean more bodyfat because excess calories turn into fat. Choose lean proteins every time, and weigh and/or measure all your food. In general women should aim for 3 ounces of lean protein with every meal (but most people eat much more), and men should have a goal of 4 ounces of lean protein with every meal. Protein comes in many forms, like grains, nuts, seeds, and beans so keep that in mind too.


Photo: Ground turkey with green olives and zucchini noodles. Now I make this dish with ground turkey breast. The trick to make it taste just as good, is to add more spices.

Source: MyFitnessPal


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