fun & funky cardio high intensity workout (7 min HIIT training)

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Exercise can and should be fun, so I took it up 1000 notches and created a car themed high intensity cardio workout with easy-to-follow dance moves. Each exercise is performed for 30 seconds. This fun and funky workout will get your heart rate up and make you laugh, at the same time. If you have knee pain or problems, keep your feet on the ground.

Below is a list of the HIIT exercises in this 7-minute cardiovascular workout, in order:

1. trucker driver: shake hips while turning the steering wheel

2. sunroof dancing: as if you’re standing in a limo on prom night

3. honk the horn with two side-steps

4. low rider: curtsy lunge pulses

5. windshield wipers: bunny hops with hands in the air

6 stick shift: step forward and back with arm moving forward & back

7. put on your seatbelt: bring arm up and across the body

8. roll down both windows: imaginary jump rope

9. back up the car: hop backwards in a square

10. wax on, wax off: up & down squats with rotating hands

11. near miss: chest press with leg lifts

12. push the car: running man dance with chest press

13. roadside assistance: jumping jacks

14. fast feet

At the end of the video, my husband shows up as the tow truck and whisks me away.


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