Push-Pull-Press beginner workout

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If you’re wondering what the heck is a push-pull-press workout, you’re not the only one. Any exercise where you push something away, whether it’s the floor or a weight, that’s a push exercise.

shoulder press (press exercise)

Examples of push exercises include push-ups, squats, upward dog, cobra pose, calf raises, and leg presses. Squats are often listed under the “legs” category.

A press exercise is usually where you are pressing overhead, like a shoulder press with dumbbells or a barbell, but sometimes press and push exercises are considered the same thing.

A pull exercise is where you are pulling a weight, a cable or a band towards you or upwards. Examples of pull exercises are pull-ups, band pull-aparts, lat pull-downs, upright rows, rope pull-downs, flyes, lateral raises (shoulder), deadlifts, seated rows, and bent-over rows. Deadlifts are sometimes listed under the “legs” category (ie: push-pull-legs).

goblet squat (legs/push exercise)

In this push-pull-press beginner weightlifting workout, we do one set of six exercises, which include goblet squats, which are easier for beginners to master, shoulder press with dumbbells, double-leg deadlifts with a kettlebell or dumbbells, bent-over rows with a dumbbell or kettlebell, and end the strength section with calf raises.

push-ups (this is a press/push exercise)

Beginners should always start with one set of exercises. People who are more experienced should do two sets. Advanced lifters should do three or four sets of exercises.

double-leg kettlebell deadlift (this is a legs/pulling exercise)

You’ll want two sets of dumbbells for this 20 minute workout, and if you have a kettlebell, grab that too.

Don’t worry if you are brand new to lifting or exercise, I go over form and show different variations, depending on what level your are at, so you can pick the one that best suits you.

Here are the exercises in order:

1. warm-up with side steps

2. push-ups to failure

3. goblet squats

4. shoulder press

5. kettlebell deadlifts

6. rows

7. 3-way calf raises

end with stretches

Press the play button on the 20 minute YouTube video below to start this fun and funny workout (my husband incorporates dance moves and laughable expressions behind my back, in between sets).

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