Frog Pump Workout (strengthen & lift the butt)

Do you have a saggy butt? Do you want to lift, tone, and strengthen your butt? This quick glute workout targets the upper and lower glutes (the butt) with one exercise: the frog pump.

The warm-up is getting into a bridge position, onto your back. Press your heels together and let your knees go out to the sides. Bring your feet close to your butt and bridge up and down with just bodyweight.

In the video, I show if I bring my feet too close to my butt, I cannot go as high in my bridge. If I bring push my feet too far backwards, my hamstrings, the back of the legs, do most of the work. Try different foot positions to see what feels most comfortable for you and where you feel your glutes (the butt), working the most.

Grab one or two heavier weights for the second set and perform the frog pump exercise for one minute, or if you’re new to this exercise, skip the weights. I’m using a 35-pound weight for the second round.

For the third set, I’m using a 67-pound weight and we perform the frog pump for another minute. I’ve been weightlifting for over ten years so don’t feel like you have to copy me. Go at your level. Stop at the first sign of strain or pain.

The workout ends with a figure-four glute stretch, and an inner thigh butterfly stretch.

Let me know what you thought of this exercise. Do you like it? Do you hate it?

P.S. My butt muscles were a little sore the next day so it’s an effective exercise because my glutes are rarely sore.

Click the play button below on this YouTube video to start this quick workout:

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