Free Exercise Videos

You can view many of my exercise videos on YouTube. If you have a gmail account, you can subscribe to my YouTube channel with just 2 clicks.  To sign up, go to my website and on the left side, below the green twitter button, click the photo of me on my book next to You Tube. That’s […]

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Review of Peak Fit System

If you are looking for exercise videos which provide an overall fitness program, this one is superb (and you don’t need weights). Michelle Dozois is the instructor and motivates you the whole way through. The exercises are extremely challenging, but it’s still fun. When I first used the band that was included (it smells like […]

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Are you a cheater?

People complain that they need to lose weight, but in the next breath proudly proclaim they get all the necessary exercise at home. Really? Are these people running or hiking in their neighborhood? Do these individuals own any fitness equipment or exercise videos? Nope! Instead, I hear, “I clean the house, wash the car, carry […]

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Jillians Michaels Kickboxing Video Review

If you want short cardiovascular workouts with little out-of-pocket investment, this one is you. Jillians’ “Kickbox Fast Fix” contains three 20-minute fast-paced kickboxing workouts. Other training programs drag on because they are boring, but all three kickboxing workouts are really fun. Sometimes, with other exercise videos, I’m thinking, “When is this going to be over?” On […]

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