what if we knew exactly when to stop eating

fuel tank

What if we could look at the palm of our hand and it would tell us how many calories we should eat that day and every time we ate, it would update the numbers and tell us how many calories would be remaining? How many of us would stop eating when it reached zero, and how many of us would keep on eating?

There are apps that we can use, but those are just estimates and what we plug in (which may be inaccurate anyway), determines if we are on track or not. My guess is that less than 25% of people in the U.S. would stop eating even if they knew that the extra food will cause weight gain. Some people just don’t care about their health or how they look.

If I knew that extra bite of food wouldn’t allow me to be as lean as I want, would I still eat it if I was hungry? Would I keep eating anyway and just add more cardio that week? I hope I would only eat the amount of calories I need, but sometimes that chocolate is just too tempting!

Photo: don’t overfill!

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