Nina Shantel is among the “First in the World” to receive Certification as a Plant-Based Grassroots Ambassador

July 7, 2022 Nina Shantel received certification as a weDIDit.Health Plant-Based Grassroots Ambassador Certification.

The purpose of the certification, facilitated by Dr. Sally Lipsky, is to embolden those in the vegan and plant-based communities to be effective communicators about the benefits of plant-based living.

The weDIDit.Health Grassroots Ambassador Certification is designed to raise awareness about critical issues that can no longer be ignored. Ambassadors from around the globe have a focus on health, and the elimination of current animal practices including animal testing and factory farming or climate healing.

Ambassadors realize the urgency to raise awareness of the current situation of unspeakable treatment of factory-farmed animals, captive animals, wet markets and animals testing, damage to the environment resulting in the current climate crises, and an increase in obesity, disease, and depression as a direct result of consuming animal and dairy, most vegans feel a sense of urgency to inspire others to eat a healthy, plant-based diet, void of all animal and dairy.

Grassroots Ambassadors have a shared purpose of spreading awareness and inspiring others toward veganism, for the health of humans, animals, and our planet.

Nina Shantel at a goat yoga class

“I care what other people eat because I’m saddened by how many people are sick, how animals live and die in brutal conditions. I want clean air and water for everyone. I want everyone to be plant-based because I want to see more people well, than sick.” Nina Shantel

Nina Shantel showing how to do a butterfly yoga pose

About weDIDit.Health

weDIDit.Health is committed to Empowering Plant-Based Ambassadors to Inspire One Million People to Live as Happy, Healthy Vegans. The organization is inclusive of all factions of the vegan and plant-based communities. weDIDit.Health welcomes a diverse cross section of men, women, teens and youth who have a passion for collaborative efforts to achieve a common goal; compassion for all sentient beings, health for humans, and climate healing.

weDIDit.Health just launched the Million Healthy Lives Challenge to show the world that the WFPB (whole foodplant-based) lifestyle has a huge impact on health! The health of humanity, of the animal kingdom, and the health of the planet.

About Nina Shantel

Nina Shantel is the owner of Fit Girl, a published author of four books, one on plant-based nutrition with recipes, titled “The High-Five Diet.” This is a one-of-a-kind diet transition book to help people regain their heath, which details her struggles with food allergies, weight loss and her unique health issues. The other books she’s written includes a cookbook, “Slimming Dairy-Free Desserts and Smoothies;” a weight loss diary, “Food Tracker for Healthy Weight Loss,” and an exercise journal with exercises for every muscle to increase strength and mobility titled, “Weightlifting Record Book.”

Nina Shantel has a certification in Fitness Nutrition from the American Council on Exercise, is a certified fitness trainer, and strength coach. She writes a blog with dairy-free and plant-based recipes at and posts videos on her YouTube channel, Nina’s Nutrition and Exercise Videos, both which reflect extensive research on numerous diets, nutrition, diabetes, health issues, exercise, and fat loss.

Her goal is to help as many people as she can to prevent and reverse disease, increase strength, and preserve muscle. She advocates a plant-based diet to stem global warming, promote clean air and water, and to save animals’ lives. She can be reached through her website at

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