Green Beans with Vegan Creamy Dressing

green beans with creamy vegan dressing

All the creamy sauces to dress up vegetable side dishes seem to have dairy, a lot of oil and too many calories so I came up with my own vegan version that’s lower in calories and just as delicious. It’s really easy to make too.

Green Beans with Vegan Creamy Dressing

1 pound green beans

1 T tahini

1 T coconut water

Garlic powder, a few shakes

Salt, a few shakes

½ squeezed lemon

A few sprinkles of hemp seeds and sesame seeds (optional)

Serves: 2

Remove ends of green beans and cut in half. Rinse green beans well and steam for 10 minutes. Mix tahini, coconut water, garlic, salt and lemon juice with a spoon. If too dry add more coconut water. Drain water from green beans when done cooking. Mix green beans with dressing in a bowl, sprinkle with seeds and enjoy with your favorite protein. Simple!

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