Need motivation to kick-start your diet? This should do it


The movie “The Sugar Film” shows how one man’s quest to find out what a traditional Australian diet does to his health, is shocking. By eating processed foods that contain sugar, he gained ½ pound a day, over 60 days. His stomach went from flat to fat even though he ate the same calories as before. His experiment exemplifies that it’s not necessarily how much you eat, but what you eat that determines how fat you are. Sugar affected his energy levels too, which explained why you’re less likely to be active if you primarily eat processed foods. Anyone wanting to kick sugar, lose fat, and/or improve overall health, this movie is sure to motivate you to make dietary changes.

Photo: Yep, ham is processed and most contain sugar, even this no nitrite ham has sugar added. 

P.S. This movie is free on Amazon Prime.

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